netZcore Purchase

Fast, Simple and Efficient! netZcore Purchase gives cardholders access to their account funds, privilege plans and settings right from their smartphone.

Today, everything is done on the go. Checking your email, doing online banking, and now tracking your student card accounts.  Stop second-guessing whether you have enough money left on your card to buy lunch or pay for printing. netZcore Purchase is a self-serve account management platform where students, parents, and other authorized users to can perform account functions to their One Card credentials over the web on a PC or a mobile device. With netZcore Purchase, students and authorized users have the options to add value to their One Card account, change their PIN, suspend their credentials, easily review account balances and perform a variety of purchases. netZcore Purchase accepts credit cards, debit cards or PayPal all in a secure PCI Certified environment.



  • Supports all smartphone platforms
  • Customizable for client colors and logo
  • Client account management
  • Purchase of Meal and Privilege plans
  • Parental access for account top up
  • Secure processing


  • Mobile payments
  • Virtual Photo ID
  • Account top up
  • Low balance notification