Account Based Systems

netZcore is the transaction engine for account-based management in an institutional cost recovery solution.

netZcore offers seamless access to account based funds and facilitates purchases in the over-the-counter point of sale environments and Unattended Point Of Sale (UPOS) locations. netZcore allows multiple applications and account options for each individual profile group and user. These options include meal plans, vending, copying/print services, laundry services, parking, retail purchases, remote value loading and more.


  • Maintains a one-card environment using existing card/badge technologies
  • Fast Transactions will reduce wait times and increase revenue
  • Users can access, update, and revalue accounts online via the web
  • Merchant reporting makes reconciliation easy
  • Offline mode prevents data loss during a line outage
  • Integrates with LDAP and Active Directories
  • Detailed reporting for management & planning
  • All communication to terminals is TCP/IP based
  • Operates over the cloud, WAN and LAN


  • University Campus
  • College Campus
  • Food Service facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Corporations
  • Government
  • Offices
  • Copy/Print Environments
  • Professional Firms