Campus Card Solutions have made great strides in providing seamless transaction solutions over the past year.  CBORD appears to have bested Blackboard as the dominate player in this space.  Best practices, excellent team participation and superior customer service help to differentiate CBORD from their competition.

Technology in NetLink product continues to be a big benefit for any campus online system.  Direct connect via TCP/IP is the only way to have a transaction solution across networks.  The use of LAN and WAN and the Internet as conduits make a spread out campus or multiple campus sites easy to connect a centralized solution.

All applications are easily charged for, real time.  These include: copier and pay for print, vending and food service, laundry and more on today’s modern campus.

Please contact us for more information on our campus solutions or just for card systems information.  You may reach us at or by telephone at 416-289-2344.