Privacy Policy

What is Email-to-PRINT?

Email-to-PRINT is an application that monitors emails sent for Printing. It is part of GoPrint, a Cloud Printing solution provided by ITC Systems.

Your information security is paramount to us.

ITC Systems processes an email-box dedicated for Email-to-PRINT provisioned by an institution. As such, the main responsibility for data privacy compliance lies with your institution as the Data Controller.


Information we collect

Email-to-PRINT integrates with GoPrint. You provide us your public institutional email login information to enable our application functionalities. The information we collect is the following:

Account information: When using a third-party authenticator (e.g., Microsoft, Google), you authorize us to obtain account information, such as email address and the username, from the third-party platform.

Credentials: We will collect an email and its password, and the shared mailbox name that we use for monitoring the institutional email inbox folder. When using a third-party authenticator, you authorize us to obtain your credential information, such as email address and authorization tokens that allow the application to read, send, and delete messages from the public email account you granted access to.

Email address: Your institution determines that the only information that ITC Systems needs from patrons, students, and employees is the email address of the sender which will act as the print name to release the print job at the release station.


How we use this information

Email-to-PRINT application only monitors the mailbox that it was granted access to; this application does not monitor patrons’, students’, or employees’ accounts.

Processing public email messages: On behalf of your institution, Email-to-PRINT uses your public email credentials to connect with your institution’s email account, reads the messages, processes the attachments and email body, and sends them to the printer.

Send messages: After Email-to-PRINT processes the messages, the application replies to the sender with the print job information.

Delete messages: When the option “Delete email after process” is enabled, we will delete the processed message from the public email inbox.


Data retention

The application will retain your institution’s email credential information as long as you have the email configuration set up in Email-to-PRINT.

The patrons’, students’, and employees’ email addresses are saved as the print name to release the print job at the release station. We do not use their email addresses any other purpose.


Google API Services User Data Policy

Email-to-PRINT’s use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.