With over 30 years in design and manufacturing experience, ITC Systems hardware solutions are among the very best in the industry.

ITC Systems designs and manufactures hardware solutions that control costs and generate revenue for public sector, corporate and educational environments. If you do not see a solution for your industry, contact us. We work with many clients to produce custom solutions. Our continued investment in developing innovative solutions for the markets we serve has driven our growth and is core to ITC Systems’ success over the years.

Have a look at the hardware solutions that fit your environmental needs. If you do not see a solution for your industry, feel free to contact and inquire as we work with many clients to product custom tailored or private white label solutions.


ITC’s Automated Service Kiosk can be used in many ways. Aside from complex COVID screening, ASK can be used to verify entrants in large numbers…

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ITC Systems’ PayStation series consists of the Swift, Grand and Elite products. Each PayStation has its own features, advantages and benefits…

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netZtouch Terminals

The netZtouch QBX 7800 has a 7.5” Color LCD touch screen and comes equipped with a magnetic swipe, contactless, or barcode card reader…

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Loaders / Dispensers

Our loaders can be configured to accept any combination of coins, bills, or credit/debit cards to dispense cards and add value to a user’s…

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Point of Sale

Choose from our selection of integrated POS devices. Whether traditional cash register or the latest PC based POS terminals, ITC Systems has integrated Point of Sale solutions for you…

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ITC Systems’ online 7020 model and stored-value 1520 vending readers can be installed in conjunction with the existing payment options or…

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At the center of the solution is the powerful Laundry Master Controller, which handles up to 32 machines and is available in stored-value…

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