US & Toronto, January 20th 2021 

Print by the Numbers

It is interesting that when a customer asks you, as the representative of a printer/MFD VAR, ‘do you do cloud printing and can we charge for it’? Your immediate answer is yes, of course but before you get to explain you realize that there is more to it than just setting up a printer in the cloud and somehow getting the jobs paid for. This is when ITC Systems comes to the rescue as the answer is complicated.

  1. How many printers/MFPs are they requiring to print to?
  2. Are they all in the same location?
  3. Are the printers/MFDs on the same domain?
  4. Are there ports available to use to access the internet?
  5. Is there already a print management solution on site?
  6. Do they want an on-premise print solution?
  7. By pay for print do they mean pay in the cloud or pay at a pay station on premise or is there an account they wish to get funds from, do they want to use cash or credit or both.
  8. Do they also wish to charge for other services like copying at the MFD?

As you can see there is quite the configuration piece to the simple request from the customer, ‘we would like to have Cloud Printing’ and ITC Systems is there to help. Being the developer of the complete print management solution means that you are getting the right stuff from the source. Contact us and we can provide extensive webinars for your sales and technical staff to learn more about the complete pay for print solution.

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Media Contact: Varnika Kukreja