Heartland has announced that the Debitek legacy stored value magnetic striped product line is discontinued and will not be supported as of March 31st2010. This announcement may have left many customers that use this system unable to continue should there be a failure of a reader in their system.  In other words, if one reader stops working, there may no longer be the choice to go to Heartland for a replacement.

There is a solution however, and that is to contact ITC Systems for replacement readers that are compatible with the Debitek card format.  For years ITC Systems has stood at the forefront of the stored value magnetic stripe technology. Over time, the company has supplied these types of readers for many card formats including; XCP, ICS, ACT, ACDI, Danyl and Debitek.  Our readers are leading edge technology and have many features that you look for in today’s fast paced technological world.

ITC Systems can swap out your Debitek system, using the same card currently in the hands of your many users and enhance the format to become the most secure stored value magnetic stripe on the market today.  Why be forced to expend the funds and resources to re-card your total population when you have an alternative that will save you the time, effort and money.

Or instead of swapping the whole system out, ITC Systems can simply add our readers to your current Debitek fleet and replace them slowly over time as they fail. What an amazing opportunity and one that doesn’t require the complete change of an installed system that is currently operational.

ITC Systems will supply compatible readers for the following applications; MDB Vending, Copier/MFD’s, Gang Laundry Controllers, Cash to Card, Card dispensers and Card Encoders.

Heartland is offering their smart card solution as a swap out.  Smart chip cards can be 4 to 6 times as expensive as the magnetic stripe cards that you currently are buying — and you will have to buy all new hardware on top of that!

Below is a quote from Heartland announcing the discontinuation of the Debitek stored value magnetic stripe line of products.

On March 31, 2010 the Magnetic Stripe product line will be officially discontinued.  As of this date, Heartland MicroPayments will no longer provide phone, depot, or onsite support for these products.”  —Melody Walker, Customer Service Manager (March 2, 2010)

Let ITC Systems help you.  Please contact us through our web site https://itcsystems.com using the Live Chat button or email us at sales@itcsystems.com or call us at 800-263-0208.