ITC Systems announces the End of Service/Support Life (EOSL) for the MultiPlan / Matrix OneCard platform.


ITC continuously evaluates and improves our hardware, software, and services as technology and security standards evolve. Our MultiPlan/Matrix platforms ended development in 2017, and were built on Microsoft’s 2008 Server platform. If you have purchased Microsoft’s Server 2008 extended Security Update 3 for Datacenter, Standard, Enterprise, or Embedded editions, these will expire January 10, 2023. Legacy products may have significant security risks that expose you to easy intrusions and cyberattacks. Keeping such products connected to your network creates vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to gain access to your network and systems.


As a result, we have determined that remaining on Microsoft’s 2008 Server is unreliable, unsecure and we are not able to provide ongoing support. Service contracts will no longer be renewed for MultiPlan/Matrix platforms past December 31, 2022.


We, as your software provider, want to ease your transition as you work to keep your IT infrastructure up to date. To learn more about updating your platform to our current offering, please contact ITC Sales to discuss your upgrade path to netZcore on-premise or netZcore Avro, our advanced OneCard Cloud service.


Thank you for being a valued ITC Systems customer, we look forward to working with you.