St Louis, Missouri – January 5th, 2017 — ITC Systems, an international software technology corporation, announces the successful integration of their GoPrint product with MyPC, developed by iTS.  This alignment will create opportunities in the library sector where computer reservation and print services are required.  Now libraries can amalgamate the Patron card and account so that there is one source for these operations.

“Our partnership with iTS is an exciting way for us to fine tune our product line and our distribution chain,” Mr. Richardson notes. “It’s an exhilarating arrangement.”

This partnership allows for a distinct solution in the self-serve applications area within libraries.  Patrons can; book a PC from anywhere, use their credentials to log in to the PC booked, send print jobs using their credentials, collect those jobs with their credentials and pay for them at a PayStation.  This seamless integration will free up the Librarian’s time to concentrate on the business of helping Patrons and in the running of the Library.

Between the integration with MyPC and the services ITC Systems bring to the market, libraries will have the best of breed solution to manage their PC Reservation and their Print/Copy control needs.  ITC Systems’ PayStation ELITE interfaces with most MFD’s (Multi-Function Devices) on the market to provide copy services along with GoPrint’s print delivery system.

Mr. Richardson says the partnership with iTS aligns with the ITC Systems focus on expanding the company’s reach through exceptional collaboration. “This is a superb opportunity for us and we’re all excited about embracing the opportunities this new integration represents for our customers,” he says.

Bob Kalyan, Sales Director at iTS, is also pleased with the new arrangement. “All of us at iTS are excited about our partnership with ITC Systems,” he says.  “The depth of their product program, coupled with their service organization, will aid us with the value add proposition that Library customers require.”

About iTS

ITS (Info Technology Supply Ltd) is a leading software development company specialising in access management, booking systems, cost recovery, desktop management utilities, e-resource management and track and control solutions. Customers of all sizes from the education, public library, legal, corporate and government sectors rely on ITS solutions.


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About ITC Systems

ITC Systems, a multi-national corporation with offices in St Louis and Toronto, is the industry’s dominant manufacturer of self-serve unattended cashless payment terminals in North America.  Founded in 1989, the company maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and Internationally. ITC Systems markets to colleges and universities, copy/print VAR’s, food service corporations and other closed institutions that charge for the use of products and services in self-serve and unattended cashless environments. Applications include POS, copy and print control, food service outlets, vending, laundry, parking and other cashless applications. To learn more about ITC Systems, please visit


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