St Louis, MO- July 22nd, 2019– After 30 years of conducting business, ITC Systems has a large customer base around N.A. and Globally. Still to this day, when we realize that the solutions we’ve implemented make a successful transformation to our customer’s operations, it puts a big smile on our faces.

Recently ITC Systems performed a major update for the computer and printing services at Sno-Isle Libraries. Sno-Isle Libraries is one of the largest public library systems in Washington state with an annual circulation of 11 million materials.

At Sno-Isle Libraries, ITC Systems launched its MyPC computer reservation software and the PayStation Elites to facilitate the pay for print solution throughout their branches. MyPC is the leading web-based, computer booking solution which provides complete control over shared computer resource usage, it allows library patrons to view computer availability, make online or on the spot reservations.

MyPC gives the library patron warnings to save their work before logging them off, provides extended sessions and more.

Not only did the Sno-Isle Libraries improve their computer reservation services but they also ensured efficient print and copy operations by installing PayStation Elites. The Elite combines print release – using the Papercut print management software, patron’s print account add value capability and copy control into a single unit thereby encompassing a one-stop payment solution.

The core motto of ITC Systems is to consistently come up with robust solutions embracing a user-friendly experience and we sincerely thank Sno-Isle Libraries for giving us an opportunity to be a part of their glorious journey.

Please refer to this Technology Update news article as published by Sno-Isle Libraries:

Sno-Isle Libraries patrons get improved computing and printing services


About Sno-Isle Libraries
Sno-Isle Libraries serves nearly 750,000 residents in Washington’s Snohomish and Island counties through 23 community libraries, online services, and Library on Wheels encompassing 2,260 square miles. The Sno-Isle district dates from 1944 when the Snohomish County Rural Library District was established by a vote of residents in the unincorporated areas of Snohomish County. Voters in Island County established an Island County Rural Library District in 1962, following a successful demonstration of library service on Whidbey Island by the Snohomish County Rural Library District. County Commissioners from both counties jointly created the Snohomish-Island Inter-County Rural Library District in December 1962. The district’s Board of Trustees adopted the name Sno-Isle Libraries, reflecting the common interest of providing quality library services to residents of both counties.

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About ITC Systems
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