Toronto – December 17, 2021 — ITC Systems, an industry leader in Campus OneCard and Print Management solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of 24/7 support. Our customers now have access to live agents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a new toll free number:

1 844 606-6341

Andrew White, owner of ITC Systems stated, “Improving our customer support experience is a top priority as we move forward into a new year. Direct connections matter, and whether the question is simple or complex, we want our customers to have confidence that their queries are heard and appropriately triaged. We support a growing number of sites with mission critical applications, and we recognize the importance of fast response times and shortened time to resolution. Our customers can call our toll-free support line and know their queries are being acted on.”


About ITC Systems

Founded in 1989, ITC Systems is a multi-national corporation with offices in Toronto and St. Louis focused on providing simple, secure, and dependable integrated transaction control for colleges, universities, public libraries, and other institutions and corporations across North American and beyond. Driven by a commitment to innovation, addressing modern day needs and demands, ITC is the industry’s dominant developer of hardware and software for cloud based cashless OneCard commerce solutions, print management, Point of Sale (POS), access control, and self-serve kiosks. Their comprehensive product line is designed, developed, and manufactured in North America, and brought to the global market through a large direct-to-customer and dealer network. ITC’s OneCard commerce solution is complemented by an extensive offering of in-house and third-party integrations and applications including credential management, mobile credentials, POS, copy and print control, food service outlets, vending, access control, laundry, and parking.

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