A relatively simple retrofit of an existing campus card system has allowed ITC Systems to bring major efficiencies and substantial cost savings to the administration of Laurentian University while also delivering a dramatic improvement in student experiences.

ITC Systems had been working with the Sudbury-based university since 1989 and although the original legacy card system in place was working well, it was based on old technology. Students were required to carry multiple cards to make purchases on campus, and administrative staff were tied up in complex reporting procedures that required them to take equipment offline and out of service on a regular basis in order to print reports.

The retrofit that ITC Systems completed over the summer allowed the university to maintain its existing hardware and extend the reach of the MultiPlan software that the school was already running in the food services area. What made the changeover even easier was the fact that Laurentian now uses a PaperCut print and copy solution: ITC Systems is a PaperCut ASC (Authorized Solutions Center) and has developed a highly sophisticated integration that allows PaperCut to work seamlessly with the MultiPlan solution.

“We’ve had a long and very positive relationship with Laurentian,” says ITC Systems CEO and President Campbell Richardson.  “When we found out that they were interested in a new one card system we showed them how their existing system could be easily adapted to deliver an enormous amount of untapped capability.

“The MultiPlan system we’ve put in place for the university’s food services, laundry and copy and printing areas allows for central management of everything in those areas. If Laurentian decides in future to expand the system to other areas, such as parking and access control, it can be easily done. In the meantime, reporting and reconciliations for existing services are dramatically easier than they used to be and so administrators are saving a huge amount of time.

Hardware expenses were minimal with the Laurentian project, since ITC Systems has developed ways to ensure that MultiPlan and PaperCut can be synchronized with almost any legacy system in existence.

MultiPlan allows university staff to provide authorizations to operators based on their designated roles on campus.

“We worked together to get the job done during the busiest time of the year,” Mr. Richardson says of the Laurentian project. “We feel privileged to be part of the Laurentian team and we’re excited about the possibilities the system upgrade represents for students and administration there.”

If you would like to know more about Laurentian University’s experience with ITC Systems, we invite you to read our case study on the project. If you have questions or comments, please contact sales@itcsystems.com, or call 416-289-2344 in Toronto or 314-872-7772 in St. Louis.

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