October 1, 2014 – Toronto, ON: Students and staff at Toronto`s Seneca College are enjoying major improvements in their one card experience thanks to a major system upgrade completed recently by ITC Systems. As Canada’s largest college, Seneca has approximately 90,000 part-time and 17,000 full-time students pursuing studies at five campuses in the Toronto area. The college first began working with ITC Systems more than 20 years ago.

The new transaction control system upgrade implemented by ITC systems is fully integrated with the college`s key services, including its:

• library, photocopy and print services
• food service operations
• parking operations
• shuttle bus service and
• Point of Sale (POS) purchases.

Last month, a major complement to the campus card project was added as ITC Systems installed 55 42-inch LED signs in Seneca`s food services areas. The signs are posted above food service outlets and provide a continuous, automated, high resolution display of menus and promotional items for that location and others around campus. A system administrator can schedule a full week`s worth of messages—or more—into the system at the start of the week and change them as required with little or no notice.

The signs use less labour than traditional static signs and they help generate more activity while speeding up lines, which helps students save time.

ITC Systems began providing campus card services at Seneca more than 20 years ago and has been the college’s only service provider in that area ever since. The college has grown substantially over the years, however, and last year the administration asked ITC Systems to update its campus card system.

“Like many of our valued long-time customers, Seneca faced a unique conundrum,” says ITC Systems President and CEO Campbell Richardson. “Although they’d been using our system for decades, the equipment itself still worked perfectly and our service program ensured that all software systems were well maintained and in top working order.

“They had no compelling reason to replace the system,” he says. “But times change and we were able to show that we could provide Seneca with a cutting-edge one card system at very reasonable cost.

“This has been a very exciting project for us to work on,” he adds.

The college`s new transaction control system operates through the ITC Systems Multiplan Matrix Manager, a program with extensive capabilities that, among other things allows university staff to provide authorizations to operators based on their designated role on campus. It also permits vendors and merchants to view transactions and retrieve reports solely in their own areas.

If you would like to know more about the Seneca experience with ITC Systems we invite you to read our case study on the project. If you have questions or comments about how this type of system might work in your organization, please contact sales@itcsystems.com  or call 416-289-2344 in Toronto or 314.872.7772 in St Louis.

About ITC Systems

ITC Systems serves colleges and universities and a host of other market segments by providing products and services focused on campus ID card privilege control, access control, and copy and print management; the company also offers card-related products and services for food service, laundry and other institution-wide sectors. ITC Systems maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and internationally, and it is the industry’s dominant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  Founded in 1989, ITC Systems works with organizations in the U.S. and Canada through its primary offices in St Louis and Toronto. To learn more about ITC Systems, visit us at www.itcsystems.com. To contact us for assistance with an upcoming project of your own, please contact us at sales@itcsystems.com