Customers can now go online to access complex reports related to their cash-less self-serve systems thanks to a new software program developed recently by ITC Systems. The company is a leading supplier of card-based transaction control devices and related software systems. Its new Multiplan Matrix Manager provides extensive real-time online management for users of the companys Multiplan software program.

”We’re really pleased about the efficiencies we can offer our customers with the Multiplan Matrix Manager”, says ITC Systems CEO Campbell Richardson. “The program represents a cutting edge advance into the future of both software development and customer service.”

Mr. Richardson notes that the new software allows administrators of ITC Systems Multiplan programs to log on to any computer through any secure Internet connection and perform administrative tasks or obtain tracking information related to food service, vending, copying, printing, laundry, parking and other self-serve payment categories.

Administrators will also be able to allow specific merchants to securely view transactions and retrieve reports related solely to their own area of responsibility. This eliminates the need for channeling that information through a system administrator, and increases efficiencies for all parties.

The Multiplan Matrix Manager has a vast range of capabilities, including the ability to schedule extensive email reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis; these reports can also be adjusted according to each recipients security clearance.

“We’ve invested an enormous amount of time, energy and talent into ensuring the Matrix Multiplan Manager is safe and secure to use over the web,” Mr. Richardson notes. ”The core Multiplan Matrix software does not run on any computer outside of the main server where the program is installed, which provides an added level of security for our customers.”

The system can support an unlimited number of operators and it also offers a virtually unlimited level of flexibility.

“This is an exciting day for us at ITC Systems,” Mr. Richardson adds. ”Were very proud of this leap forward in software management and were excited at the possibilities it opens up for our customers.”

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