USA & Canada, March 25th, 2021 – ITC Systems’ SaaS based Cloud Print Management Solution – netZcore PRINT Cloud, allows users to discover prints online and get their prints without the need to set up a print driver.

Lots of new features have now been added to this already feature rich, BYOD cloud print management software. Here’s an exclusive look at a few of them:

  • Multiple file uploads per Print Name – This solution lets the user upload as many jobs as they wish using the same Print Name and/or Release Code/passcode. The user now does not have to name each job as they drop it in the cloud with this method, great for those that want to print more than one job at a time.
  • Number of Copies up to 200 – Now, a user may specify up to 200 copies of a single print job. Great for situations where multiple copies of the same job are required i.e., student exam forms at a school.
  • Added ability to Email Cloud Print Jobs Release Code and Release info – Drop your job off in the cloud, enter your email and you then will receive an email about your job with a Print Me link embedded in the email message. Press that link and your job is released to the selected printer. Perfect for those on the go who are at a hotel or business center or corporations with multiple branches.
  • netZcore PRINT Cloud supports Credit Card payment for pay and release – Gives the user the ability to pay for print jobs directly on the cloud using PayPal. Once the job is paid for, an email is sent with the receipt and the link Print Me. This is a great option for small locations like stores, coffee shops and the like.
  • Configurable Upload File Size Users can now select maximum file upload size from 5MB to 100MB to accommodate large jobs that may be graphic heavy.
  • Added support for Dynamic PDF JavaScript Embedded forms printing i.e., tax forms, license forms, etc. These are commonly found in Government offices and public libraries where people need to go online and fill out a form and then print it.

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