St Louis MO – 16th of May, 2016 — Strong partnerships and a vigorous focus on customer service have enabled ITC Systems to develop an innovative Payment Solution for copies and prints at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library with RICOH, says ITC Systems’ VP Sales John Wilmot.

The Library administration wanted a system that would allow patrons to use the latest in payment technologies for walk up copying and printing from their Print Release Stations.   They wanted a system that had minimal impact on their network infrastructure, addressed issues of PCI Compliance and generated positive revenue.  They included these requirements in their tender for system wide copiers.  RICOH presented the winning bid that encompassed all of the libraries needs for technology as well as support.   Mr. Wilmot says. “We worked with our partner at RICOH to design, implement and install a solution that was easy to use and maintain, and the feedback has been superb.”

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library system is a technologically focused organization with twenty branches located in Mecklenburg County with the Main Library located in Charlotte.  The advent of using the Credit & Debit cards as well as Mobile technologies has aided in the patron’s overall appeal to the solution.  This solution makes the choices for payment on these services easy and therefore increases the library patron’s satisfaction overall.

RICOH’s sales and tech team worked well with ITC Systems in getting the POC together and with the library in helping them understand more about the technology. When partners like ITC Systems and Ricoh work together the end customer happy in that they only have one call to make and they will receive the service they need no matter what.

“Libraries have some unique issues when it comes to technology and they are a core part of every community,” Mr. Wilmot says.  “The Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library is very important to us and RICOH Corporation have been a valued customer for a long time now and we’re very pleased to continue developing our relationship with staff of each to form this very important partnership.”

About: ITC Systems is an international company specializing in cashless Integrated Transaction Control Systems. The firm designs, develops and implements state-of-the-art cash card management systems on university campuses and in public libraries, government departments, food service environments and other closed institutional settings.  With offices in Toronto and St. Louis, and an extensive network of distributors, dealers, agents and service contractors, the organization offers the most flexible and comprehensive online and offline card systems on the market today.


 About:  Charlotte Mecklenburg Library began more than a century ago as a treasured repository of knowledge. Although people have evolved to read, explore and acquire knowledge in many new ways since then, one important feature has endured: Our services remain free to all who come to us with a desire to research, learn and experience.  We serve hundreds of thousands of people while also responding to the needs of individual library visitors.  Since our founding in 1903, our role as a provider of lifelong education in this community has never been more relevant. 

Contact: Main Library, 310 North Tryon St., Charlotte, North Carolina 28202 (704) 416-0100

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