US & Canada, April 30th, 2020 – ITC Systems’ announces its latest Print Management suite, netZcore PRINT and netZcore PRINT Cloud. The netZcore PRINT software is built on the award winning GoPrint platform with more features added including the exclusive cloud connector to our cloud print program. Our latest and newly introduced  netZcore PRINT Cloud software allows for BYOD printing from anywhere to any printer listed on the geo-locator.

Mobile and wireless users can easily locate and submit print jobs securely to our netZcore PRINT Cloud software that are retrieved at any enabled location. Mobile and web-portal users simply drop, send from URL or email their jobs and name them using a username or their email address and optionally a password.  The job will be retrieved once the user goes to the site, enters their username/email and gains access to their job for printing.

“This BYOD support will enable ITC Systems to deliver print jobs submitted from wireless and mobile print services anytime and will create opportunities for companies and institutions where a Pay-4-Print or print tracking environment exists”, says ITC Systems CEO Campbell Richardson, “Our on-premise combined with the Cloud makes us the only one stop shop for all of your print management needs, it’s an exhilarating combination.”

netZcore PRINT on premise is designed exclusively to manage self-serve printing as found in higher education, public libraries, government offices, retail environments and business centers.  netZcore PRINT helps to eliminate paper waste, recover operating costs and can aid in the implementation of our mobile printing environment for your users. ITC Systems develops, sells and supports netZcore PRINT to its customers, providing superior service and easy updates.

“With the complete package of print software through to PayStation hardware, ITC Systems provides a complete integrated transaction control solution for your print environment”, says Richardson. “This is a superb opportunity for us and we are all excited about embracing the opportunities that this new solution combination represents for our customers,” he says.

In addition, ITC Systems’  PayStation line up, their interface to virtually all campus card commerce solutions and authentication to Library Management Systems makes the print solution an easy choice for schools and libraries across North America.

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ITC Systems, a multi-national corporation with offices in St Louis and Toronto, is the industry’s dominant manufacturer of self-serve unattended cashless payment terminals in North America.  Founded in 1989, the company maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and Internationally. ITC Systems markets to colleges and universities, copy/print VAR’s and other institutions that charge for the use of products and services in self-serve and unattended cashless environments. Applications include POS, copy and print control, food service outlets, vending, laundry, parking and other cashless applications. To learn more about ITC Systems, please visit


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