Toronto, December 20th 2015–ITC Systems has introduced the PayStation Swift to its product line up. The ‘Swift’, like its big brother the PayStation Grand is used to control and charge for copies and prints from MFD’s.  This sleek and versatile unit accepts credit and debit cards* to pay for copy and print transactions.  Also able to interface with our stored value reader, that accepts virtually any legacy stored value magnetic card out there on sites across North America.

Perfect for use in Public Libraries, Retail Stores, Schools, Copy/Print Centers and any place a charge for the use of a copier or printer is required. Some of the features include; worldwide credit and debit card acceptance, escrows the value, has a bypass key for staff use, usage meters for reporting, online reporting via the web, multiple price lines available, compatible with GoPrint, PaperCut, Equitrac, Pharos, Envisionware and Comprise Print Software, plus more.

Give it a test drive today, for more information on the PayStation Swift; please contact (416) 289-2344 (314) 872-7772.

*Debit in countries that do not allow for pre- authorization of a transaction is not available at this time.

About ITC Systems
ITC Systems provides card-based transaction control solutions to schools, libraries and other organizations in North America and around the world. The company provides products and services focused on campus ID card privilege control, access control, and copy and print control; it also offers card-related products and services for food service, laundry and other institution-wide sectors. ITC Systems maintains a large dealer network throughout North America and internationally, and it is the industry’s dominant Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  Founded in 1989, ITC Systems works with organizations in the U.S. and Canada through its primary offices in St. Louis and Toronto.