Toronto, ON  August 13, 2012 - ITC Systems is pleased to announce the adoption of Print Manager powered by PaperCut, a versatile software application that CEO Campbell Richardson says will dramatically enrich customer experiences.

This is one of the most powerful developments in years, Mr. Richardson notes.

Our company takes an assertive approach to innovation in general but were especially excited about the benefits Print Manager powered by PaperCut offers our customers, he says.

PaperCut is the industrys premier print management company and weve been working with their representatives on this initiative for the past six months.

Were delighted with the partnership that has developed.

Mr. Richardson says his company is proud of its reputation as a leading manufacturer of currency and card-based transaction control devices and related software systems and he notes that employees have been preparing vigorously for the launch of the new application.

Our engineers and software support technicians are well versed in the new Print Manager programming and theyve already performed impressive installations for large institutional customers.

This is an incredibly versatile software application, he notes.

Print Manager powered by PaperCut features embedded software that runs on numerous makes and models of Multi Function Devices (MFDs). Its easy to configure and it permits a vast range of print and copy tracking and control functions. It is suitable for enterprises of any size, regardless of environment, platform or MFD or printer make and model. And it also permits:

 secure print release directly from the device panel;

 monitoring of paper usage;

 easy access to account information such as user balances and print notifications;

 charging to shared accounts;

 provision of real-time statistics on CO2 equivalency as well as the amount of energy and trees consumed by the printing process;

 Driverless web printing from laptops or netbooks and

 Protection of confidential documents.

The system can be set up to require authorization prior to printing and reports can be scheduled and accessed from any web browser.

Its amazing what this application can do, Mr. Richardson adds.

Print Manager powered by PaperCut interfaces smoothly with all ITC Systems products and solutions. It connects directly to the Multiplan Corporate and Multiplan Gold software suites through an interactive interface that permits sharing of data, printers, print job statistics and transactions. Reports are generated through Matrix Manager and the Print Manger applications.

In addition, the ITC Systems stored value card reader and coin-op can be used at the print release station running Print Manager powered by PaperCut to pay for jobs submitted and copies made through the MFDs.

We have an enthusiastic team behind us and were excited to be making this platform available to our direct customers and Value Added Re-sellers, Mr. Richardson notes. This is a robust way to help our customers cut printing costs while improving work flow. Its amazing.

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