Print & Copy Management

ITC Systems offers a variety of world class print management solutions to suit your needs.
ITC Systems introduced its first network print manager solution in 1995 and is one of the pioneers in the industry. With over 30 years of cutting-edge experience in integrated transaction control solutions, ITC Systems can provide you with expertise, reliability, service and support unmatched by any other company.


netZcore Print, formerly branded as ‘GoPrint’ is a print and copy management system that enables public libraries, college and university libraries, public schools, medical and law libraries, special libraries, government institutions, and computer centers, to monitor printing and copying activity so they may maintain control over escalating printer and copier costs, reduce operating expenses, control printer usage, curb paper waste, and promote a more sustainable green printing and copying environment, all while helping to recover costs.

netZcore Print interfaces with all major campus OneCard systems: (Odyssey & CS Gold) Blackboard and Atrium and with all major credit card gateways: PayPal, TouchNet, QuikPay,, Official Payments or CashNet.



Simply log on from your device, view any of your files, select the ones you’d like to print, and send them off to Print, it’s that easy. Additional document access and upload points also include email to print, web portal upload, and direct release options.

ITC Systems also sells and supports the following print management software package; PaperCut.