Security Alert CVE-2021-44228

ITC Engineering has reviewed our GoPrint source code, and our findings are:

1. GoPrint Solution is using Log4J library below version 2.x and as such, is not affected by the Log4 Shell Exploit (CVE-2021-44228)

2. All prior known vulnerabilities against Log4J version 1.x do not apply to GoPrint as per our security code review, as we don’t use any of the following vulnerable Appenders:

    • SocketAppender
    • SMTPAppender
    • JMSAppender
    • log4j.appender.server
    • log4j.appender.jms

3. No further action is required:

For customers who are using PrinterOn, we are advising you to visit to remedy the Log4J vulnerability.


For customers who are using PaperCut, we advise you to visit


Information about this vulnerability published on the National Vulnerability Database is located



Information about this vulnerability from the Apache Software Foundation is published