St Louis, Missouri – December 9, 2010 – ITC Systems, a leading provider of campus card solutions to colleges and universities, is pleased to announce that the University of Central Florida (UCF) has revamped their entire UCF Card Services program by implementing ITC Systems’ full-suite campus solution. This program successfully went live on August 23, 2010, the first day of UCF’s fall semester.

UCF uses the campus card solution to manage a wide variety of activities including transactional-based applications such as dining purchases, payment for copy/print, vending, laundry services, bookstore purchases, library privileges and tuition payment. The card works a lot like a debit card where your transactions are recorded in real-time through an online account hosted by the university. Students can monitor their personal accounts, purchase value and initiate a PIN at the convenience of their own computer. UCF is a metropolitan research university that ranks as the third largest university in the U.S. with more than 55,000 students who will benefit from the new campus card implementation.

“UCF selected ITC Systems as the company that could deliver what our users want,” said Tammy Kidder, UCF Card Services Manager. “We are pleased with the implementation and the team, together we were able to open on time when the students started their fall semester.”

Merchants like the campus card solution provided by ITC Systems as they are able to obtain reports from the system via the web, relating to the purchases made at their location. Administrators find the system easy to use and receive the activities reports they need to operate the solution effectively. IT departments like the security infrastructure that is built into the campus card solution, allowing the encrypted transactions to be processed across the network and the web.

“We are very pleased to be working with UCF Card Services on this project to better service their entire campus community,” notes Cam Richardson, CEO & President of ITC Systems. “Along with the ITC Systems’ team, Tammy Kidder’s entire campus card services team deserves great credit for helping pull everyone and everything together. A solution of this complexity is never really completed, but is ongoing and forms the basis of the relationship moving forward over the years.”

To ease the transition from the offline smart chip based system to the new online campus card system, students are able to use the current encoded BIN on the magnetic stripe of their ID card. To transfer the funds from the smart chip there are Easy Convert stations around campus that they can use with no need for staff intervention.

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